24 3 / 2014

This night, I had two different dreams. The first dream was about a zombie-plague apocalypse. I couldn’t remember the details anymore. Maybe my dream could predict the next episode of the walking dead? Who knows.

The second dream, I was with my ex and her family. We went to Berlin. I honestly don’t think Berlin in my dream looks like real Berlin. I was sitting with my ex and her family. In my dream she wasn’t my ex but in reality she is, that’s why I call her ex instead of girlfriend. I was enjoying the view. On the distant there was a mountain, with snow on top of it. I really found it beautiful and wanted to make photo of it. I left my ex (and her family) to walk abit futher. My phone-camera was not good enough to zoom in. At that moment I wished I had my mother’s semi-professional camera with me. After some disappointing pictures, I decided to walk back to my ex.

While I was walking, my eye fell on another mountain (I didn’t see the mountain from this side yet). Again I decided to take a picture. But meanwhile it was getting dark really fast. So I hurried up and went to look for my ex, expecting she had left for the hotel.  While walking, the environment changed into something Italian. I kept walking and suddenly there is an earthquake. People start panicking (me included because of worry for my ex). They are screaming in Italian, which I don’t understand. I decided to walk even faster to find my ex, till the second-much harder earthquake came. I tried looking for something to get cover, but I couldn’t find any. There were tall buildings around me, and I had the fear of one collapsing on me. So I tried running away, as fast as I could. I heard some rumbling sound and before I knew, a building collapsed on me, and I woke up.